You may have noticed that all of these complicated and fancy treatments have popped up. Laser gum surgery, other advanced surgeries and even implant technology continue to grow and evolve with each passing year.

However, our goal should be to never need these special (and expensive) treatments. Many of these ‘solutions’ can be avoided with a little bit of knowledge and effort at home.

Many people are subconsciously sold on the idea that they only need to brush and floss. In truth, this does work for some people and they are able to continue for many years without a problem. Yet, many people are very faithful about their brushing and flossing and still end up with numerous problems.

These are the people who would benefit from an overall home dental care philosophy. With a little understanding, many people can greatly improve their dental health and increase the chances of avoiding advanced treatments.

However, the biggest reason that your personal home care will never go out of style is just basic science. Most dental disease occurs because of some exceptionally pesky little critters called anaerobic bacteria.

They form a special relationship with each other and produce a biofilm called plaque. It is a thin, mostly invisible layer of stickiness that shields them from their one bane – oxygen!

I am fairly certain that you have heard of plaque before. Plaque is, along with the anaerobic bacteria that it shields and hides, what dental professionals have identified as the enemy.

There is a trick in all of this. It is the essence of your own personal protection. If you will understand this one key point, you can make a dramatic shift in your dental health.

The plaque needs to remain intact for the anaerobic bacteria to reach population levels that can do significant harm to your dental health. This is the secret.

If you disrupt the plaque daily, the underlying bacteria will be exposed to oxygen. This will keep their population levels manageable.

There is absolutely no way to completely get rid of the bacteria, it is simply impossible. Therefore, your home dental care most focus on the disruption of this plaque every day. If too much time goes by and the plaque remains intact, the ‘bad’ bacteria will grow rapidly.

This means that as long as you disrupt the plaque every day, things should get better. However, it does appear that while brushing and flossing does the trick for some, many others seem to need to do more with their home care. Learn what else it takes to make and keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime!