During my mid teens I found myself enjoying life on a tropical paradise island in Papua New Guinea. Very quickly after arriving, my weight started to balloon starting me on what seemed to be a ‘weight gain – diet – weight loss round-a-bout’

For just a moment I will digress to mention my health issues’, the first issue to occur was severe abdominal pains that felt like a knife being turned inside of me, which was found to be caused by a food intolerance. Later other health issues developed over the years into a huge struggle with an extreme lack of energy and numerous symptoms that seemed to imitate Multiple Sclerosis. During this time I visited umpteen Doctors and Specialists etc. who put me through myriads of tests. The only conclusive test result was a nerve induction test, which tested the rate of speed my nerve impulses moved at, it proved my nerve impulses were moderately slow therefore the Neurologist was able to state I have a Peripheral Nervous Neuropathy (that is nerve damage) cause unknown – no known cure. He also stated this Peripheral Nervous Neuropathy had no connection with my food intolerance’s. So I was no further advanced in attaining a level of health that allowed me to function adequately on a daily basis.

Therefore I continued my search for a better way of life but after trying every type of diet and way of eating I was still on the ‘weight gain – diet – weight loss round-a-bout’ but also with numerous serious food intolerance’s. As time went on it seemed I fared best on the low carbohydrate type diet, although modified to my needs. Unfortunately for my wife, during this period she became very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her friend also had had this very debilitating disease and she advised my wife that her Doctor had encouraged her to follow the raw energy food and fresh juice way of life that Leslie Kenton advocated in her book ‘The Raw Energy Bible’ and was having great success with it. My wife of course started this diet straight away with tremendous results, but me being ‘the big Aussie bloke’ that I am, carried on regardless with my ‘steak and eggs’ regime, still suffering horribly with extremely low energy etc. and not particularly enjoying the food I was eating either.

Numerous years later being totally frustrated with my lot in life and being barely more than ‘a couch potato’ I decided in desperation to actually try ‘the raw food way of life’ with incredible results. Not only did I gain a huge increase in energy but I actually had a steady weight loss and what is more ‘I really enjoy the raw food.’ Interestingly my numerous symptoms that seem to imitate Multiple Sclerosis are markedly reduced while I continue on ‘the raw food way of life’ and my weight is also stable.

I have found many books to be purchased that embrace ‘the raw food way of life’ giving a very wide variety of recipes including many delicious sweets recipes, these I enjoy very much.