Many healthy foods to lose weight are readily available. Over time, they have proven that they are much more effective than fad diets and keep the fat off those troublesome areas of the body longer. Healthy foods provide their benefits in three main ways. These include creating the sensation of fullness, helping the body burn more fat and calories and acting as natural weight loss hormones.

Foods high in fiber are actually quite easy to find. Insoluble fiber expands after it is eaten, making the stomach feel full. This is a classic way to trick the body into thinking it has eaten its normal amount when it has actually only consumed a moderate amount of fiber. Virtually all fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. It is especially recommended to not cook these prior to eating, as heat can break down some of the fiber as well as reduce the nutrients in the food. Other items high in fiber are oatmeal and high-fiber breads and cereals. In addition, nuts, mushrooms, eggs and beans are excellent choices in this category.

Certain foods actually cause the body to burn more calories or fat than normal. Hot spices such as crushed red pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, garlic, hot mustard and others increase the body’s metabolism by raising the body’s temperature. This benefit can last for up to three hours after eating a spicy meal. Green tea has also been recently proven to increase metabolism and is especially effective to drink directly before exercise;a green tea drinker will find that he has a very high endurance level.

The least known weight loss foods are those that contain fat-blasting chemicals or hormones. Here is a partial list of these. Surprisingly, consuming a moderate amount of dairy products may actually cause loss of weight because they suppress the hormone in the body known as calcitriol, which increases the size of fat cells. Foods containing pectin, such as apples, help the body let go of fat. The hormone known as leptin, found in fish, burns fat. Avocados have a special type of sugar in them that decreases insulin in the bloodstream and thus prevents storage of fat molecules. Beans such as black beans, navy beans and others are full of resistant starch that work on the body’s appetite hormones to fool them into feeling full. Finally, olive oil, one of the healthiest oils with which to cook, has good levels of oleic acid that also works beneficially on these same appetite hormones.

Attempting to switch one’s diet completely to healthy foods to lose weight all at once may prove to be discouraging or even impossible. It is best to make small changes perhaps once a week. This will aid in creating a habit of healthy eating. For example, the first week, the individual could focus on buying only whole grain breads and cereals. The next week he could focus on eating raw vegetables instead of cooked ones at meals. Healthy foods certainly do not have to be bland. Thankfully, many tasty foods will greatly benefit a dieter.