You may be surprised to find out that there is food you can eat that help you melt stomach fat. This might even include food you may already have stored in your fridge or cupboard. Food that you may think of having little or no nutritional value. In this article you will discover how to use this healthy food to lose belly fat.

In this image conscious age, people are judged by their appearance whether we like it or not. With the aid of digital and phone cameras, we are living in a photo ready world. More and more of our friends and family are curious to see our latest look in photo’s or on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Having the perfect photo ready body can do wonders for your image and self-confidence, which will instantly and positively transform your life experience.

Let’s face it there is no magic pill that will create this transformation, there are however, tried and tested ways to sky-rocket your metabolism, giving you the surge of energy and healthy, glowing, toned body you want. What is about to be revealed to you is the total opposite of what you may have been taught about dieting over the years. Through this ab fat burning eating system, you will be given a wealth of information on how to burn the stomach fat deposits you are fed up of living with. Whether you need to lose 100 or 10 pounds of stubborn fat, you will be shown how this can be achieved.

The secret that is about to be shared with you, has nothing to do with supplements, surgery or killing yourself at the gym and you definitely won’t have to starve yourself either. If you just want your young body back, want to remove mens stomach fat or are tired of hiding behind frumpy clothes, irrespective of your shape, size or gender this can be achieved.

Fat burning does not have to be torture, with this easy method of eating, you will learn how to work with your body and not against it. You will learn about the food that causes stomach fat to linger and how to select the right food to lose stomach fat and turbo-charge your metabolism.

You can start by altering your diet and introduce food belly fat hates such as certain vegetables, fruit, pulses and oils, some of which you may have previously thought to be unhealthy. Making minor adjustment to your diet, can cause major changes to the way your body burns fat. Eating small protein rich meals at 3-4 hour intervals, not only causes your stomach to feel full but the consumption of lean protein also increases your metabolism. Intakes of lean protein such as salmon, mackerel, sea bass, whole eggs and organic chicken can help and should be consumed. Care should be taken to ensure that these meals are not consumed later than 4 hours before going to bed.

Beans are one of the leanest proteins and they are a good source of fiber, which gives you high energy levels, keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer, making you less inclined to binge unnecessarily. They are also complex carbohydrates, which gives the body the required fuel as and when it is needed. Beans also lowers the destructive LDL cholesterol present in the body, whilst maintaining important HDL cholesterol levels. With all the rich properties mentioned, beans is one of the most efficient food to lose stomach fat.

Certain fats are surprisingly ab fat burning foods and are needed to help maintain a healthy balanced diet, as they also help lower your cholesterol and should not be excluded from your diet. Avocados are rich in healthy fat as well as walnuts, oil obtained from olives, canola, coconut, blueberry and flaxseed are ingredients you should consider incorporating into your diet.

It has been discovered that green tea, as well as improving your health, it is an excellent fuel for increasing the body’s metabolism. This can be taken as a cool refreshing drink, or as a hot beverage depending on your preference. Full fat milk obtained from grass-fed cows, surprisingly is a powerful source to melt stomach fat, build muscle and provide you with essential fatty acids such as omega 3.

Green leaf vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, kale, raw vegetables salads especially dark green leaf or red lettuce as they are full of fibre, which make you feel full for a longer period of time, should be included in your diet. Iceburg lettuce does not contain a high level of fibre, however there are high levels of vitamin k and lutein which is good for the heart, veins and arteries.

Although some carbohydrates are stored as fat, these should not be restricted from your diet as they are required by your body for fuel. There are specific types of carbohydrates that are more beneficial. Fruit such as apples, strawberries, peaches and vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach and celery are some examples of healthy carbohydrates. Carbohydrates to avoid are whole grain, pasta, cereals, refined white flour, whole wheat and white bread, these are stored as sugar then turn into fat, which causes stomach fat to linger. Where possible these carbohydrates should be substituted with grains such as quinoa, spelt and millet.

If you want to look your best, eradicate sluggish phlegmatic feelings and have the surge of energy you have always wished for, now is the time to transform. This could be the major turning point in your life, if you are serious about becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.