Healthy foods to eat can be tricky to determine… there are so many food choices available in our modern world of junk food and processed foods. So, how do you know which foods will improve your health, and which foods will be detrimental to health? This article is going to talk about the 5 types of healthy foods to eat every day:

1. Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and veggies are some of the most nutrition foods available. They contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and they provide you body with the nutrition that it needs to be healthy and fight disease. Try adding fruits and vegetables with every meal that you eat, and your nutrition will improve.

2. Nuts and Seeds
Seeds and nuts are great plant-based sources of protein. They also contain nutrition that is very beneficial to your health. I like to use the nuts and seeds to add crunch to my meals, they make a great topping on salad or other vegetable based dishes! Br careful to not over-do the nuts and seeds though, because they are very high in calories.

3. Legumes and Beans
Beans and legumes are great sources of plant based protein. These foods are high in protein and fiber, and very low in fats. Eating plant based protein can be very beneficial to your health, because animal based protein contains high amounts of unhealthy fats. Try to eat beans and legumes at least once a day.

4. Whole Grains
Instead of eating lots of white flour based products you should be focusing your grain intake on whole grains. There are lots of yummy whole grains that can be used with any meal: oatmeal in the morning, brown or wild rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta, couscous, etc.

5. Healthy Fats
Your body needs a good source of fat, and unrefined natural fats are great for health. Try focusing on extra virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil, they both promote health. Discontinue the use of highly refined oils and fats, because they often contain free-radicals which can promote cancer.

These healthy foods to eat everyday can be a great way to improve your overall health. Begin making substitutions to eat more of these health promoting foods, and decrease the amount of junk food that you are eating. Over time you will see a change in your health!