The first important step in taking care of your skin is its regular and routine cleansing.
First check your skin type and then accordingly cleanse your skin. If you have a normal skin type cleansing your face twice or thrice a day is sufficient. In case of oily skin frequent cleansing is required to remove the excess oils present on it. Cleanse the skin at least 4 or 5 times in a day. People with dry skin should avoid frequent cleansing and washing of the facial skin. Soap usually dries up the skin; therefore people with dry skin should avoid using soap. Instead they should use an appropriate cosmetic cleanser preferably an oil based cleanser.

Cleansers of different types are available such as liquids, creams, lotions, milks, and gels. All these are mixtures of water wax and oil and have been made to suit different types of skin. Fresh milk applied with a cotton pad an effective natural cleanser. Follow an upward and outward movement apply creams and cleansers on your face. Do not stretch drag or pull the skin while you apply these things. Keep the cleanser on the face for a few minutes so that the dirt and make up loosens up. Use a cotton wool or a tissue paper to remove it and in the end rinse it with water.


Cleansing may disturb the acid alkali balance of your skin. Skin fresheners, astringents and toners contain water and alcohol. These products are used for freshening and toning up the skin. These help inn washing away the last traces of oil or dirt. Non alcoholic fresheners are used for toning sensitive and dry skin. Alcoholic toners are best for oily skin. Those with normal or combination skin should opt for both astringent and toner.


Moisturizers should be used regularly. It not prevents the loss of water to the surroundings but also replaces the water lost from the skin. It protects the skin from the bad effects of effects of heat, cold and sun.

Ultraviolet radiations from the sun cause permanent changes in the skin. As an effect the skin may sag, become wrinkled and lose elasticity. Sometimes sunburns may become so severe that they can lead to the formation of skin cancer. Use of sunscreens can protect the skin against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiations from the sun. It also protects the face from direct contact with pollutants and dirt and also prevents the loss of moisture from the skin.