Winters along with cold temperatures bring with them problems like dry skin. But the problem of dry skin is caused not only by howling dry winds, but also by the use of harsh cleansers, having bath with too hot or cold water or getting on an airplane. Take care of a few small things to avoid problems of annoying and itchy dry skin.

1. Make a barrier

Regular use of moisturizers reduces loss of water from the outermost layer of the skin. They not only prevent dryness of skin but also provide a barrier against dirt and soot. The use of moisturizer reduces the pore size and gives a temporary feel of smooth skin.

2. Avoid hot water baths

Long hot water baths can aggravate the problem of dry skin especially in winter months. So avoid them and try lukewarm baths and showers of short duration. Once you are of the shower, pat dry your skin gently and moisturize your skin when it is still moist with water.

3. Moisturize you skin regularly

Use of moisturizer is necessary for dry skin. A moisturizer performs quite a few important functions. Firstly it helps to replace water lost from the skin while you had a shower. Secondly the water binding ingredients like glycerin helps retain the remaining water in the skin.

4. Intake a lot of water

Good quantities of water help to increase the natural moisture level of the body. So try to drink a lot of water daily

5. Avoid licking dry lips

Licking of dry lips make them drier and chapped. So apply a layer of moisturizing lip salve and keep your lips soft and smooth.

6. Use mild cleansers

Prevent your skin from being dry in cold, harsh winters by using mild cleansers. Regular use of these will prevent problems of dry and itchy skin.

7. Pack in moisture

After a shower or bath, remember to pack in moisture. Apply body oil or body lotion when your skin is damp and moist. This will aid in sealing moisture and will leave your skin soft and smooth and you feeling great.